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tv   Headline News  RT  November 7, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EST

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turn world's attention to the place that some job of arts minds. the fallout from mass surveillance revelations forces u.k. intelligence chiefs to make an historic televised public appearance look at what to expect. later the guano costs here a little more than a life of the detainee if you don't want to be babies over the fine is ten thousand dollars for you for it from one time a baby out of how millions of dollars are a spanner recreation while a former detainee sheds light on the tailor made torture methods used there. and high altitude handover the such and then pick torch reaches the ice after story claunch from the baikonur cosmodrome.
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six pm in moscow watching our josh. hot on the heels of american intelligence bosses trying to justify mass surveillance it's time for british spy chiefs to face a grilling has of the three you came telegin say agencies are about to make an unprecedented public appearance to explain their spying operations are you sir first takes a look at what to expect. for the first time you're going to have the three heads of britain spy agencies in the same room being questioned by m.p.'s now that's part of a session this is going to be broadcast satellite link is going to be live but there will be a short time delay just in case any things revealed that could be considered a threat to national security so who exactly do we have in place hot seat so we've got so elope and the director of g c h q and parker he's the director general of
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m i five and we've got john soyuz who is the every state's chief now they are going to face questions from the intelligence and security committee. into the oversight of u.k. intelligence agencies following concerns about the scale of mass surveillance that of course coming of the edward snowden revelations now what you're not going to hear because this is a public session is details of only going intelligence operations in their technique so it's unlikely for example that you'll have any mention of project temp or that of course being the secret program to do with the gathering of web and. now this is going to be of course a widely scrutinized by people who are watching as the first sign is happen but this is really going to rest of what exactly is the. almost half spirits agree the
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intelligence bosses are unlikely to find themselves in hot water unlike the journalists who released snowden's documents without take a look at adverts the british government has made to plug the leaks well back in july the offices of the guardian newspaper which had some of the files were raided by g c h q agents and hard drives were destroyed months later david miranda partner of former guardian journalist glenn greenwald was detained for nine hours at heathrow airport he was in transit between berlin and rio de janeiro after meeting a filmmaker who was involved in breaking the leaks the man is challenging is attentions through the courts although british authorities insist moran his actions constituted terrorism professor of international security david believes the government's going too far. i do think the public has a right to know exactly the overall ratifications of the intelligence community mostly i think that the issue around how far the u.k.
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government can go in squeezing. an independent newspaper or news organization is totally is totally unacceptable within a democracy and we have a strong judicial system which is suggesting that the government is going too far and its crackdown on the government but the key thing is that we have to have trust in our and i'll call the stations that they will have proper responsible oversight of the intelligence agencies otherwise we're no different than the other not at all christine according to the snowden leaks you can tell jones was able to monitor up to six hundred million communications every day they were the only ones who had access to them eight hundred fifty thousand and a same police and private u.s. contractors could also dig into the u.k. databases as guided you can explains britain wasn't alone in helping washington keep an eye on the world intelligence services of five english speaking countries have joined we sources to spy on the whole. is the most resourceful its close ties
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are with britain's jussi h.q. but canada australia new zealand are also contributing australia backs up washington by keeping tabs on asian countries from the documents group by edward snowden who learned that. embassies across asia pacific host this highly sensitive intelligence plucked from a program as part of the five eyes network is not just terrorists that the five eyes are looking for a former australian intelligence officer privy to the program said the main focus is political diplomatic and economic intelligence most recently the east timorese government complained publicly about australian spying during negotiations on the future of the timor gap oil and gas reserves canada two is interested in natural resources and is accused of actively spying on south america edward snowden revealed that canada with the help of the n.s.a. hacked into the brazilian ministry of energy and mines he also exposed that the
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u.s. has been spying on brazil's national oil company edward snowden revealed some details of how the five guys operate but even before intelligence officials made no secret of their quote unquote orwellian cooperation i met yesterday with our five guys colleagues and one of them. offered up the term that pop is become popular and his countries australia call it the efficiency dividend which is . the orwellian euphemism for cuts. for these intelligence services it looks like a give and take relationship a two way street or should i say a five way street in washington i'm going to check on our team which in our team and coming up later in the program japan is braced for the most dangerous operation of the crippled fukushima nuclear power plant since the twenty one meltdown or t.v. crews monitoring events there plus. we. i've come to do serious business to make
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concrete progress expresses optimism over the current round of nuclear talks with iran but that approach is not shared by everyone. wants to decide to be more serious that is they have to start lifting the genocidal sanctions those sanctions are killing ordinary ukrainians. the cost of maintaining one of the planet's most notorious jails guantanamo bay will hit five billion dollars next year archie's crew went to the camp to find out what exactly american taxpayers are paying for. despite misconceptions give lho is not just a geo to be or not to be shot it's also a forty five square mile military base with no plans of going anywhere full of signs of a stablished american life it is a navy base and we just happened to have the camps in here home to the only mcdonald's on cuban soil a subway sandwich shop a starbucks and a taco bell you got the best the best financial interest that you got pizza
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starbucks and. all of these other places that helped to set up a logistical support for the troops over the there are about five and a half thousand people living and working on the base roughly half serve the actual detention center the u.s. government has been leasing this territory since one thousand nine hundred three for just over forty five hundred dollars curiously that is still the price today but it's said that the cuban government has been refusing to accept this money for decades the castro government said you know we don't want this lease anymore in the united states' position was that it's a binding lease and in the lease it actually says that it can't be broken unless both sides both countries agree to that that strikes me as a very odd contract server and territory that the u.s. has occupied against cuba's wishes since one thousand fifty nine most officers come here for short term of up to nine months or longer deployment of two to three years far from whole life isn't put on hold and you can't date certain people wait and
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certainly have if it's away from your like rank system then you're allowed to know there's the downtown lyceum and open air movie theater playing all the hottest hollywood blockbusters and it ticky bar to let loose after a hard day's work even though most say schedules aren't that intense anyway we actually get quite a bit of time off like a man and we go to the beach and there we are as our activities for people to do m.w. are stands for morale welfare and recreation. almost every sport known to man is available to team get on state of the art facilities. i love it it's a lot of people think there's not much to do but there's definitely an abundance to do. being in a remote location doesn't even have to affect eating habits an all you can eat lunch costs just under five bucks and breakfast is half that price a downside though information or lack thereof. a lot of the t.v. programs broadcasting here are army focused. and internet is almost nonexistent the
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base dubbed no stream a stand by some soldiers even so we're told those serving here are banned from looking at websites like wiki leaks for example once classified always classified. even if the information has long been made public there are other strict regulations in place too fun fact about guantanamo apparently the life of an costs here a little more than a life of a detainee if you run one of these babies over the fine is ten thousand dollars. there's a very strict speed limit in guantanamo and it's a very slow speed limit and people say that that's that's all about the quantised somewhat ironic at a place marred by human rights scandals officials make a point of showing journalists how well prisoners two are kept and thirteen here when i wanted to call so for a compliant detainee at guantanamo they would be allowed to eat books have a piece here some head and shoulder shampoo the less compliant ones have to wear
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the orange uniforms and get only two books at a time it was called out of sight so you can see the books detainees can't come in here but the prisoner library lovingly displays the best of their art for t.v. crews to see a lot of pre-selected books to avoid certain topics violence sexual and religious stuff controversy shelves packed with magazines d.v.d.'s and video games plenty of ways for legit prisoners of war to pass the indefinite time they're kept here without charges. or party guantanamo bay cuba or you can watch our reports from behind camps walls including conversations with inmates and the lawyers online to log on to our to dot com for our special coverage. the sochi twenty four thousand torch relay has taken a cosmic twist in another memorable moment in the journey of the olympic symbol the multinational crew carried aboard the international space station lindy france with
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this event from mission control the soyuz has just joshing at the international space station and as you're seeing right now i think the new clue is disembarking they hatch has just opened and one crew member and the torch interview i would be the first to make it out now of course the crews are very much other it's very exciting where everyone sort of people very very excited to see this sort of praise and very quick trip just five hours so it's very exciting to see this actually happen live and a lot of smiling faces around here of course the family members are also being broadcast from baikonur of course they're very relieved to see their loved ones arrive safely over now of course the big event how did this is saturday when the torch will make history by going on a spacewalk it'll be tethered to two two cosmonauts before as to spend several hours in outer space of course we'll be bringing you that live here on our show you can follow us on twitter your one and mobile devices on television and we will be
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bringing you this live on saturday but for now everyone is just very excited that what started early this morning by our north has now ended with such excess. above about four hundred kilometers actually about to be heard so here at mission control if you're in moscow and it's been a success and the video is just amazing to watch. indeed remarkable scenes there and just the first step of the ice as like the torch relay our correspondent martin andrews has more on what's next for the games simple. docking confirmed for four twenty seven am central time and now the crew and symbol of the upcoming winter games have met on the international space station cosmonauts cut off and so go to san scheme will take the modified torch on a space walk roughly four hundred kilometers above earth fully docked with the current crew this will only be the second time in the isis history that three soyuz spacecraft and nine crew members have been aboard the lab complex at the same time
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millions will watch as the torch makes history safety and physics mean they can't like the torch in space the design has also been changed so it can't fly away with it wouldn't make much sense everyone knows there can be no flame in outer space as nothing burns there and it doesn't make sense to fake it after circling the planet several times the torch will come back to earth with the three returning crew members on the eleventh of november to continue its record breaking relay with the world's attention on this historical moment it's a nervous time for everyone involved we only need to prepare psychologically because you can't just before miss work mechanical you have some routine job after all we are dealing with a symbol here if you will of always good asean countries working together for the better of everybody on the planet so in a small way i think it's great that we are in this similar to the international
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space station which is another indication of international cooperation over the coming weeks thousands of torchbearers will join the olympics we like across sixty five thousand kilometers of terrain covering all eighty three regions of russia once complete it will be the longest relayed in the history of the winter olympics which will come in it in the opening ceremony of the games in sochi by the black sea february seventh in the meantime elim picked voyage to meet some of the final frontier. but here we are. a moment that promises to be truly out of this world market andrus. bike annoys you. and i will bring you more on the record breaking torch relay for the twenty fourteen winter olympics in sochi on saturday when the torch is taken on an historic spacewalk we'll have special coverage of the amazing event live here on r.t. and more news will be heading your way after this break. the olympic torch is on
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its epic journey to such a. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand and nine hundred two cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. a limp torch relay. on march the march to dot com. please please. please. please. r.t.
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dot com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iraq. we want you to know. one of the marginalized. you know alone. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today. america with our words of guarded optimism. iran's nuclear crisis solution are once
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again heard in geneva where a fresh round of talks between tehran and six world powers have gone underway official say an outline of a long awaited deal is emerging world powers are offering a partial easing of sanctions if iran freezes some part of its nuclear program michael mann spokesman for the e.u. foreign affairs chief catherine ashton who chairs the nuclear talks told r.t. there is a promise but it's ultimately up to iran to end the standoff the signs are good in the fact that we all getting into the detail in a way that's really never happened before under the previous iranian government we have come here to do serious business to make concrete progress the iranians have expressed the wish to do the same so what we hope is that they will follow up was that good words with good deeds in the negotiation room they have to make a certain number of undertaking isn't guaranteed this is a prout's the iranian nuclear program where the international community has justified concerns so they have to make and and really you know agree to do certain
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things that the international community is demanding for example it's all about the enrichment of uranium which is currently being and reached in iran to a level which is not necessary for a peaceful nuclear program therefore there are some things that they have to do of course this is the negotiations that both sides have to be flexible but the the first step really needs to come from the iranian side. how many madia journalist based in tehran disagrees that the talks success depends purely on iran no one can can expect a major breakthrough as long as the israeli lobby is putting pressure on the western side if dead western side ones to respect iranian rights to enrich uranium if they are ready to respect that right i can get in teeth from my sources close to the negotiating team that the talks with definite is sexy. otherwise if they're not going to respect your right to enrich uranium it's not going to get anywhere it all says we're going to be more cooperative we're going to
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be more transparent at the. same time decide to be more serious that is they have to start lifting the genocidal sanctions those sanctions are killing or you know do you any ans diabetic's cancer patients have affiliates they're not harming the government they're harming ordinary people. spoken advocate of such sanctions israel is increasingly resorting to twitter with the hash tag stop the charm offensive spreading their message that iran's diplomatic efforts are merely of assad we've got that story online. also there and the trial over an acid attack on the bolshoi theatre is artistic director continues the victim speaks about these sold and demands almost one hundred thousand dollars in compensation. for the new book the moment life the public face i think you.
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should have you with us here on t.v. today i roll researcher. a nuclear cleanup team and fukushima is preparing to move the power plants fuel rods to a safer location that's the most hazardous undertaking at the japanese facility since it was crippled by an earthquake and tsunami two and a half years ago has allowed us. extracting these rods from the pools is a really hard task because each one of them called ways of more than three hundred kilograms and they cannot even hit each other that would cause a nuclear chain reaction not only these pools are crippled but the machinery the automated machinery doesn't work as well so every rod has to be extracted from the
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pool manually the tepco company running the fukushima clear up process and the japanese government are now in a vicious cycle situation because on the one hand they need to remove these fuel rods the arkansas emanating the water as it's been reported in the waters of the fukushima nuclear power plant and on the other hand of course this is a very risky venture because they have to literally extract every rod and there's more than a thousand of them and each one has to be extracted manually we also managed to take a peek inside the no go zone in other areas and you know what what shocked me the most and surprised me the most and i'm saying that by my experiences of traveling to the explosions on interim novel that in the fukushima area the towns which are just close to the station ten fifteen kilometers away from the station they have been reopened for residents were literally saw people rebuilding their houses in this area in case anything happens these people would have to be relieved evacuated again and or putting themselves under very serious risk well in fact in the fukushima region itself there are several n.g.o.s who are did not believe the
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government and the tepco organization in their measurements of the radiation levels the one which struck me the most and we talked with them yesterday the movement called the mothers of fukushima these are ordinary women who are afraid for the safety and health of their children they bought three d. h. meters which the cheapest of them cost around a thousand u.s. dollars and they are just patrolling the area staking their own measurements and sending them to the government but the government as they say is doing nothing is not considering the radiation measurements as if they're trying to play down the scale of the things happening even in tokyo in front of the industrial ministry there's a peek at there's a protest happening for already eight hundred days with the people there protesting against nuclear energy and the actions of the government and the tepco so you can see how serious the rhetoric of the anti-nuclear movement is now in japan even though they say that their voices being often silenced by those that power. christina can tell founder and host of nuked radio says the engineers are trying to
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do the impossible while putting public safety at risk. the more i study this problem in fact i've been up all night reading i haven't even gone to sleep. the more that i look into this i don't know how japan thinks to pull this off the pictures that have been released go at the amount of damage that the racks in the pool have sustained there's no way that they're going to be able to hold those assemblies out. and do it without bumping into other stings and that's where the danger is the other problem is we have three maltin cores that we don't even know where they are in it it's really surprising that there isn't a single expert who's called for ground penetrating radar in order to identify where the squirrels are so that that problem can also be addressed. so if you go to some other stories from around the world riot police have stormed the state media building in athens evicting protesters who have occupied it for five months
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scuffles erupted between the officers and the activists the public broadcaster was shut down in june as part of deep budget cuts with hundreds of employees losing their jobs as a result. interrogate police have clashed with students angry at the organization responsible for university education eleven protesters have been arrested students say the board is a remnant of the dictatorial coup of nine hundred eighty and should have told responsibility for higher education they previously occupy the dean's office and kareena versity and set fire to documents. to the philippines now where over two thousand residents have been relocated from areas in the path of super typhoon haiyan schools have been closed flights canceled emergency services put on high alert the storm which is believed to be the strongest this year is expected to hit the philippines within the next twenty four hours. coming out here and we give
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you a guided tour of one town. don't go away. illegal immigration is a hot topic and everyone always says that immigrants do the work that no one wants to do well let me explain why that is i would occur just on vacation got into a taxi driven by a former migrant worker who used to make a living in moscow he told me that he really worked hard driving unloading trucks after five years he came back home and bought a house yes from the seller that russians can't even survive and he was able to buy a house employers and russian america say that locals don't want to work or demotivated well want to margaret work or on a salary that could build a bright future one compared to
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a local who can't even make ends meet while you could see why the market workers are a lot more motivated let me put it to you this way if you knew that you had to work five hard years of some awful labor under awful conditions somewhere far away like brazil or germany what would be able to pay off the house would you do it i think you would let's not buy into this myth that locals and country x. don't want to work they just don't want to work in complete futility for table scraps but the shust my opinion. what's happened is law enforcement and the national security agency has gone behind our collective backs and tried to accomplish this using the courts in secret and that's truly what the issue is a broken whatever trust and violated whatever trust we may have had and that's the real issue and they're going to have to earn that back the hard way.
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it's. a story. the first. one. the president did not keep his promise. two years later one time i was still operating. in shutting the door on that detention center really and the trauma of one timeout . and can the closing of a prison really liberate those it once held captive. it's
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not that i feel lonely i am lonely for him and who could possibly understand what i've experienced in guantanamo when i talk about it even asking who is most scum no one is able to imagine. and the flag flew over camp delta and guantanamo bay cuba where you know the detainees are housed. to honor all those service members and civilian who have lost their lives during the global war on terrorism.


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